The glory of Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra

As we all aware that Four pilgrimages of the Hindus having paramount importance. It is believed to have traveled to Char Dham Yatra will find enlightenment for a person. One of these four pilgrimages in Puri, i.e. Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath Ji (Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra) full of grandeur and divinity. This traditional festival is held in accordance with a very glitzy. In terms of its date, the chariot festival starting from Aashaadh Shukla accusative to Shukla Ekadashi. Conform to the prevailing mythology, the Rath of Lord Jagannath, also called Lord Sri Krishna, with his chariot, his brother Balaram and sister Subhadra's chariots are also built. All these sacred chariot made by neem and mature wood (sticks), called 'daroo' in local languages. The neem tree identification for these chariot is based on healthy and good wood, for which a special committee is formed every year at Jagannath Temple. Managing such a large festival is unique in itself, because these chariots spike in building any kind, do not use forks or other metal. Choosing wood for chariots begins on Basant Panchami and construction begins with Akshay Tritiya. For this spiritual occassion when three chariots are ready, the 'Cr Pehanr' ritual is performed, whereby the King of Puri Gajapati sedan come and worship.

He also use gold flick for cleaning 'chariots' and the way. To view this Leela of Lord Jagannath Hindu communities worldwide reach there and the spiritual journey of the whole occassion is fruitful to them. If we describe in some detail the Rath Yatra Festival (Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra) in the first day of Lord Jagannath, Balaram and sister Subhadra's chariot dragged a short distance position, from the main temple i.e. Gundicha temple. After that the statue of Shri Jagannath ji with shri Balram ji and Subhadra ji staying for next 7 days overthere. After this return journey called 'Bahudha' started on aasadh shukl dashmi. The re-pulled chariot of Lord Jagannath at Gundicha Temple is brought up. After bringing to the temple, statues re-installed in the sanctum. According to the popular saying, if any body pull the chariot, get blessings of Lord Jagannath and called 'Mahabhagyawan'. The person who pulled the chariot, moved towards salvation, as per popular stories. However, devotees enthusiasm and admiration is fantastic at the occassion and nothing can be compared with broadness of this Rath Yatra. Jagannath Temple and several mythological stories about the trip, and one of them tells that when Subhadra ji wanted to see the city, then Lord Krishna fulfilled her wish in his chariot. In memory of this event every year this grand occassion held by their devotees.

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The glory of Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra
 A center of faith Lord Jagannath Puri, which is built in the 10th century and according to historians King Indradvimuna started builting it. The temple offers a great piece of art, with its brilliant luster and charm, you'll see the grandeur of the ancient era. The temple has a height of 65 feet and its walls depicting the life of Lord Krishna was a sculptured artwork is excellent. These and other factors, each year attract millions of pilgrims to the Jagannath temple. Though foreign tourists come here throughout the year, but the Rath yatra festival is the main attraction for tourists. The big attraction of Jagannath temple is its kitchen. The kitchen is known as India's largest kitchen. The spacious kitchen to prepare 'prasad' having 500 cook and his 300 colleagues at work. The offerings of rice, dal and many other things which are offered at extremely low prices to the devotees. Specially the prasad of Coconut, Lai, Gajamung and Malpua is prepared here for devotees. Spirituality, become a great place for tourism today with its great tradition! So next time you have the chance to complete the Orissa Jagannath Rath Yatra held in the city every year and you can get opportunity to pull the chariot of God, must receive good fortune. Don't sleep the chance and prepare your next trip to puri, trip for spirituality and great tradition of Indian culture.

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