Sympathy with a terrorist, unbelievable... (Jammu Kashmir Terrorists)!

In Jammu and Kashmir many innocent people killed by a terrorist, named hizbul mujahedeen commander burhan wani and when this terrorist killed by security agencies of India, then some people are out on the streets to express their sympathy! This is really unbelievable, Hard to believe that in a country like India, where every kind of freedom for everyone and people, misguided by Pakistani agents, having sympathy for a terrorist! In this case, conservative thinkers believe that the Muslims in India is not free, they are under social and political pressed... but in this case, there is a simple theory and according to that theory "Muslims who think that freedom is not in India, he once came down to visit Pakistan and their misunderstanding will be solved!" This is fact that Muslim community have some kind of specific issues with right wing parties like BJP. But, this is congress, who ruled on India since last 60 years and BJP government in Delhi, just from 2 years only. Although Atal Bihar Bajpayee was in power, but at that time he was not free, because of alliances and his own image was also more reliable for everyone. If we talk about Modi Government, many real and artificial controversies created, related with tolerance / intolerance and If Modi government wants that he can biased to the right thought, then too this is really hard for them. In similar way, Modi stops many firebrand leaders like yogi, sakshi mahararaj etc. on controversial statements.

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Sympathy with a terrorist, unbelievable... (Jammu Kashmir Terrorists)!
Honestly, nobody can say that any Hindu  or BJP leader is more poisonous than Zakir Naik', whose statement generating terrorist. So, why The malice in mind of Kashmiris, forced for a  rally in favor of a terrorist, really not justified.  Mehbooba Mufti of Kashmir as a government is to protect the interests  of their people, while Modi as Prime Minister, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Kashmiris. So, why go to a few people, like separatist (hizbul mujahideen commander burhan), foreign funded. In this context, Congress  Ghulam Nabi Azad's statement is worth-a-look. The country's oldest party clearly said that people should not be upset over the killing of the terrorists because he was responsible for the murder of hundreds of innocent people.

भारत के नक्शे पर पाकिस्तान की गैर-जरूरी बेचैनी! 

hizbul mujahideen commander burhan wani killed in encounter, article
It is unfortunate that when a terrorist is killed, then the people of Kashmir have expressed shock. '' People of Kashmir should think that Pakistan funded separatists is dangerous for everyone in Kashmir. The 21 year old terrorist was the poster boy of terrorism i.e. Burhan Wani, who killed in Kokernag area, 83 kilometers away from Srinagar in an encounter with security forces with his two colleagues. What Kashmiri people should not learn from the Patriots Girl, who give information to security agencies? If we talk about Pakistan and his claim for Kashmir, then it’s a joke for Pakistan, because Pakistani leader must correct Pakistan before,  Kashmir or later world after that." Kashmiri people should know the fact that the Pakistan is dangerous country for itself and when they are not able to fight with India, face to face, they created indirect terrorism.  Like Burhan wani young people, playing in hand of Pakistanis and this fact is more dangerous for Kashmiris. They should be careful from terrorists, because they are only responsible for blasts in this state! Blasts, who killed innocent kashmiri muslims, women and children!
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- Mithilesh, New Delhi

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