Mithilesh new article on Dalit development in India, PM Speech and context

January 26, 2015 when Barack Obama came to India Prime Minister wrote his name wore suits, which were fiercely discussed, it was criticized. Well, then Rahul Gandhi Centre for almost a year, "suits", saying the government has been taking on target. PM did not answer it directly, but the downtrodden dalit businessmen, addressing the Chamber of Commerce lauded their work somewhere while Rahul Gandhi's "boot suit" also gunning given phrase. Dalit businessmen praised the program as well as the PM also targeted Dalits insult them by referring to the question of the Dalits wear good clothes on. Modi said the feudal mentality of those who do not afford good clothes Dalits. Well, of course it is a political analyst Rahul 'suits' statements add, but somewhere in India such as the mentality is still visible. Bihar Chief Minister Jitan Ram Majhi were the last days, so he made a statement that all the commotion after their temple was washed from the Ganga. Congress Selja and similar statements made by Rahul himself. However, after several allegations proved to be false, because he was politically Prerti somewhere. In this context, India about the contradictory fact that appears, he definitely is about its greatness and its slavery. On the one hand it is said that India is the golden bird, its culture 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' has been, on the other hand, we have thousands of years of slavery and untouchability of the tainted history appeared, which played the 21st century India also fell are. That the Prime Minister said that a Dalit conference Like you, I have suffered humiliation, feudal mentality still looks and Dalits have suffered every indignity. Not only this, but large-hearted PM After finishing his speech, breaking all the rules and protocols between people come down from the stage and were photographed. The friendly nature of the people who came to the conference to meet with the PM had plenty selfie. Dalit activists chandrabhan by this scene became so emotional that he could not complete his speech of thanks payoff. After all the tears are coming, when the pain of centuries 'moments' are folded in.

The Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in 2005. It is particularly telling Dalit entrepreneurs and promote business opportunities works. In this order, do not know why feudal mentality India has a deep wound, despite the modern times are also to nurture a mindset, this is the abject surprise. The fact is the Prime Minister accepts, then surely such people need to be careful. PM Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said at the conference clear that Dalits have to chew gram of iron to loan, for which the Prime Minister referred to the exchange scheme. He said that under this scheme to inform the 80 million bucks without the guarantee of a loan from the banks, who are mostly Dalits and other backward classes. Financial Inclusion is the biggest cause of the government, the Prime Minister said that the people of the lower strata of society need to be strengthened. The backward and depressed classes of qualified persons who seek employment emphasized, not on those who seek employment. So it is true, if a person decides to take to create jobs, then there is no reason that the interest of the whole community, including myself, do not take the power to develop. Consequently, PM constitution manufacturer of extremely frank in their particular style pay tributes. He said that we all know as a producer Babasaheb Anbedhkr constitution, while many people do not know was that Babasaheb great economist. Baba Saheb kept saying that industrialization will most benefit our downtrodden brothers and sisters, because they have less land.

The wily prime minister with the support of Dalits brilliantly defended its industrialization policies that our government is your government and we are working for empowerment. Industrialization in the country will get jobs so depressed. Well, where there such a thing as chance should do, but how important duties is to develop balanced, the PM told the same conference that Anbedhkr given to us by the Constitution, but we talk of rights and duties of much lower . So each one has special needs to be conscious of their duties. If you look at the statements of the Prime Minister is obviously the government for the development of every class conscious and balanced manner, making sure to act. However, sections of the society of feudal thinking have changed, but also the fact that Turkey is still long. Also, it is equally true that the new emerges 'creamy-class' Dalit society also need to be careful, so that their monopoly over government facilities should not. Obviously, "creamy layer" is also a kind of feudal class which appropriate person does not believe in giving up his right to reach. If these facts speaking of course of the chivalrous PM 'with everyone, all development promises to be easily completed, the country needs Jyade. Prime Minister encouraged the alert and careful implementation is required, thereby distinguishing Vgar born in society, harmony and cooperation could be renewed foundation. However, at the initial stage of the PM's speech, his fairness and, above all, Mayawati's attempts to link them with the Constitution producer dreams deserve high praise, because the spirit is immortal, the drink Hanuman Power returns to cross the sea!

Mithilesh new article on Dalit development in India, PM Speech and context,

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