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Every new year some opportunities, brings some challenges, so the beginning of 2016. At the time that this must be an assessment in 2015 social, political and economic challenges of the world today, to what extent faced . We welcome the new year with awareness of this largely to the benefit would be, as well as the challenges we will be prepared substantially. Looking rotation, in early 2015 of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo 'the Paris-based office of 12 people killed by the attackers news shook the entire world was. The attack was the beginning of the year the whole year and it IS a terrorist organization against cruelty in the name of global politics involved. After the attack on social media, many countries openly come out in support of the magazine, the radicalization also heavily discussed. In another major terrorist attack, on the 13th of November in the French capital Paris, the attacks caused such chaos in the world. Terrorist attack in Paris in different places, not just the people in the world soared to panic, resulting in several countries bombed targets in Syria IS as it turned out, which is continuing. In the series, the year ISIS social media and opponents protested against his activism was also very well received. On the one hand against the militant group Islamic State of social media on the other hand increased the number of its followers has increased, the governments of several countries including India were deeply worried. Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh, the mid-year by the end of the year, give attention to this matter, saying that India's Muslims may not necessarily supporters of the Islamic State. In the Indian context, last January 26. US President Barack Obama's foreign policy of India, Government of India had a great stake, the impact of the sudden visit to Lahore in December, Modi remained.

Also on the foreign front, the Indian Government and burial flags, which the experts have come to believe that India's economic, diplomatic and strategic level is to find a place that was not before. International forces are giving too much importance to India, India has had good success in the strategic region. However, India's foreign policy issue of Nepal's greatest tragedy was also the Indian authorities made a huge embarrassment. However, it was an issue, which India was steeped. However, awareness is the first case surely would have been different! Another news of terror and foreign policy, the discussion or make panic saying he had been the entire year natural disaster 'earthquake''s. Facebook Nepal on 25 April 2015. The earthquake of the hill country into the catastrophic situation in which tens of thousands were killed. Then a few more major earthquakes have bullied the whole world, on May 12 in Nepal, on June 4, in Malaysia, September 16 and October 26 in the Chile earthquake of Afghanistan sent thousands of people into the cheek of time. Even in India, including Delhi in North India after Nepal's earthquake continued until December earthquake people did not sleep peacefully. India's Supreme Court in this case, the government strictly warned against illegal constructions while dealing with such a situation, the magnitude of the issued instructions. India, the Chennai Metropolitan faced terrible floods at the end of the year, in which 400 people were killed when Jyade displacement of 18 million people were forced to endure. Clearly, in a country like India in dealing with natural disasters is a lot of work still to be done. Another challenge faced by the people as a global problem emerged. Syria's civil war and refugee crisis in 2015 was the most poignant and humane issue. On other social media platforms such as Facebook, including all photographs posted on the refugee situation in front of the world. In the case of some other major global crises, Greece's debt crisis was discussed on many social networking.

Economy Almost all countries in the region to deal with the ups and downs, as well as jobs also showed a slope. Apparently, terror, natural disaster, economic recession and the threat of extremism in 2015, the whole world suffered. Be interesting to see what kind of attitude on the challenges in the new year-old is adopted, since 2016 new challenges remaining are still awaited. However, the terms of trade in 2015 was mixed. In 2015, the Indian economy towards stronger measures the Central Government in 2015 Seventh Pay Commission's recommendations were submitted. RBI customers to benefit cuts in policy rates several times. In addition, the government plans to sleep separately sputter. However, in the context of digital India, Skill India, the real impact of programs such as in India is yet to come, but the government's intention to move forward has extremely exposed, no two opinions on this matter. However, some issues have affected the Indian landscape to the deepest level, the issue of the high level of tolerance-intolerance garmaya up, the Congress of the National Herald issue was hurting. Delhi BJP's opposition at the beginning of the year they reach the end of the year in Bihar election win and win big certainly strengthened democracy. However, Parliament was unhappy country functioning continuously be interrupted, including the GST bill hanging consensus to analysts including admission to the general public. Dr. Abdul Kalam and his last visit to the great personalities of the world for the common association of India are very emotional moment an inspiration for the future generations, and students in particular admission he would go to the source. Also in the film world with the FTII all politics of the Indian audience in India the 'strongman' who'll be thrilled. In the coming year it is a big question in the minds of the people that killed Ktppa why the strongman? New Year's celebration with the challenges and problems and find solutions to Swalaton Understanding is definitely going to be interesting. Yes! Meanwhile, at every level of care and caution, we will need as much.

Mithilesh hindi article on year 2015 and coming year 2016, best review article,
Mithilesh hindi article on year 2015 and coming year 2016, best review article - नए साल की वैश्विक चुनौतियां Mithilesh hindi article on year 2015 and coming year 2016, best review article - नए साल की वैश्विक चुनौतियां Reviewed by News Portal Solution Provider on 12:12:00 Rating: 5

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