Espionage and military restructuring

More recently, Japanese citizens arrested in China on suspicion of spying, the Japanese government spokesman, Mr. Suga in Tokyo said Japan does not spy anywhere in the world. However, in China, if these people are convicted, they could be executed. According to Japanese media, the woman has been arrested on charges of espionage, he was working in a school in Shanghai Japanese language. With this news in India Hnitrap trapped in airforce personnel employed by the news of the spying sensation. Well, espionage is a global reality can not be denied. How many films in Hollywood and Bollywood do not 'spying' on the theme will remain, a very exciting manner in which these positive-negative roles in several international cases are crafted. Certainly, spy films on the subject that fascinated the audience well, but if we find out that all institutions, including the army in our own country, at every level of the neighbor is spying serious questions about the security system stand. By the middle of many such incidents in December and reports have come out, in the minds of ordinary citizens, including the home ministry has also confrontation. The most famous case of this kind in India, the Pakistani ISI intelligence information which Air Force personnel have been arrested in the case, citing the shocking things have come out. Ranjit said in interrogation that he had received intelligence information in return for Rs 30, which in turn had many secrets were given trapped. Pakistan's ISI to share the secret documents allegedly in charge of the Air Force Staff Ranjit KK via Facebook reportedly came in contact with a British woman Maknot Damini. Three years ago, Ranjit received friend requests on Facebook from the Maknot Damini, which Damini Ranjit told a UK magazine that she works in. 

The two were among the late night chat, chat after the case reached WhatsApp and Skype. It spread the trap attached to the air force intelligence from spy girl Ranjit had acquired. Not only changed its name Ranjit money were transferred. In this regard, the investigation official said the ISI-backed espionage gang Ranjit operators shared secret information via e-mail. Only a few rupees and sex-trap trapped in how a well-trained military force is ruled vomited, seeing it not only surprise, but also awareness of the challenges and the army imposes a question mark on his training. It also does not mean that our military training and structure nothing wrong, but it means 21st in terms of the military structure reorganization in which training and return conditions challenges psychological and physical The framework can be erected. After all, a girl on Facebook in the 80s could not seduce a soldier then, but today the military establishments of globalization and the spread of Internet privacy is also widely embarrass the basis of ready-made. Not only, other countries, including the ISI spy agencies, but hackers and corporate establishments like Google does not seem to have far less problems. Recently, when Google's Pichai his visit was fine, the BJP leaders and think-tanks are Govinda- Pichai said it had asked the question that Google Earth mapping project two years ago against "the Surveyor-General of India CBI had filed a complaint in which Google Inc. was cooperation by the authorities and without the approval of the central security agencies and pursue the project so they can benefit from the terrorists against India like Mumbai attacks be repeated too is. Govinda- search engine heading clearly wanted to know that how this project without the approval of the security agencies are being run? These are serious questions on various issues, but our preparations to deal with the challenges that come cipher glance. No murmurs there, somewhere not sound improvement. The question that we buy only big arms will not be strong, the ISI and other spy agencies have information of our personnel and installations and make it resistant to the strategy. In such a state that the damage can be quite large.

Need to understand it and combat it in the age of technology. In September of 2015, when the Chinese president to China to cut military announced three million soldiers, it became a major global news. However, by China "to the world's peaceful development 'step was told, but experts in the military to cut dependence on China's military technology to further pointed directly indicated. According to a report published on the BBC, the PLA National Defence University Professor Liang Feng China News Service agency said on August 3, "a technique that uses force in modern wars and the quality level is very important." The University Professor Gong Fengbin another to reconstruct the Army soldier was necessary to cut the number. "Three million cut number of military troops firing is not the only means, but it means also that the army will be to restructure the units will be organized and how the army." Patently, the savings from cuts to national security, to develop high-tech military capabilities can be based. Obviously, are in our neighborhood at the edge of these changes is the need to monitor closely the decision is important to understand as much. Better use of technology and human-resource, changing times have brought new challenges. 'Spying' definition of the word ceased to camera or listening ear, but data analysis, trend analysis quite a few himself has come out automatically. For instance, if a soldier on Facebook is actively Involv his interest, routine, habits, weaknesses and friends-circle becomes an eye on terrorists. These things need to be considered anew, otherwise the 'fear' will grow continuously and the strength of the terrorists is the fear in people.

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